1 – Loosen the adjustment straps of the backpack. If your backpack is fitted with the Marsupio Speedy back system, adjust the length of the back to best suit your height before before putting on the backpack.

2 – Adjust the hipbelt so the backpack sits above the hips and tighten based on your body shape.

3 – Tighten shoulder straps so that the majority of the weight of the backpack is taken on the hipbelt.

4 – Now the attachment points of the shoulder straps should be level with the shoulder blades. If they are not, readjust straps until they are.

5 – Tighten the stabilizer straps to ensure the backpack sits as close as possible to the back, thus ensuring greater stability and reducing fatigue.

6 – Finally, buckle up and tighten the chest strap to ensure improved control and stability of the weight. During your hike, adjust load distribution from time to time between hipbelt and shoulder straps.


Before washing any Marsupio product we would remind customers that our products have been treated to make them waterproof, and incorrect or over-aggressive washing could damage the fabric. In addition, we would advise against using a washing machine, tumble drier, dry cleaning or bleach. It is preferable to use warm water, neutral soap, and if necessary a brush. To remove vegetable matter which has got stuck in the fabric (twigs, leaves, bark), simply use a soft brush or clothes brush.


Use a large bowl or washtub, making sure you have sufficient space to ensure you can wash all the pockets and sections of the product easily. Use warm water (not hot, because it could cause the colors to fade). Then using a soft brush (for example a shoe brush), apply some neutral soap and start to brush. Use an old toothbrush to treat obstinate stains.

Repeat the operation several times and in all directions, changing the water if it becomes too dirty. Repeat procedure until the product is clean. Do not wash with other items because the colors may run.


All traces of soap or detergent must be eliminated in order to prevent residue being left on the material. Wring out as much water as possible. Pay particular attention to zips, straps and padding in foam rubber when wringing, in order to avoid causing damage. Do not dry in a tumble drier because this could damage the foam rubber and some fabrics. Hang the product to dry, leaving pockets and zips open.